Old films

The usual suspects assembled this evening for a traditional chili and film evening. The organizing committee had decided that we were to be watching old films this evening - real old films.

They started off with W.C. Fields in The Bank Dick (1940). I don't care for W.C. Fields, but the rest of the crew laughed and laughed while I read the IMDB entry. Fields filmed in a town, Lompoc,  that was founded as a temperance town - and included a lot of drinking in the film, which apparently enraged the locals. I got into trouble for pointing out all of the goofs, nicely listed on the IMDB ;)

The second course was an old favorite, Karl Valentin. His Umständlichkeit is very comical, although the film is quite old. You want to go hide behind the sofa because it is all so painful watching him try and sort things out. They are rather short, so we watched a number of them.

There was an intermediate, modern, course with Music for Six Drummers and an Apartment (just very, very funny, can be found on YouTube). Just plain sweet.

The evening continued with Laurel and Hardy, and I discovered that you can't knit while a silent movie is on. After a few of these sketches and the departure of the tired, the hard core group got out the aquavit and put on a Monty Python DVD. Oh my, these are so old, too! 40 years old!

There's still some chili left over - anyone hungry?

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