Mission Impossible 4

WiseYoungMan wanted to see Mission Impossible 4 (called Ghost Protocol in the US), so we managed to find a theater showing it at a time that the ancient parent and godparents found convienient. The film is a little over 2 1/4 hours, so with all the commercials and the break you are looking at a solid 3 hours.

I was not expecting to really enjoy it, I'm not much for the car-chase and senseless violence genre of films. But oh, my, the toys they had! It was fun seeing all the cool stuff a secret agent can do with an iPad and some intelligent textiles! There were some bits that were waaaay too far-out (the cutting of the window high up on the tower and then climbing up on the outside), but by far I found most of the stuff believable.

And isn't Tom Cruise good looking? What a shame he's on that Scientology trip.

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