Back to being "just" professor

Last Monday I stepped down as dean. The details are messy, and I will only communicate them to people orally. Let's just say that the top administration at this school finds it more important to follow perceived protocols than to keep the place running. I was treated in such a disrespectful manner about a supposed fault on my part (I am, and have since been independently determined to be, innocent) that I could not continue as dean.

So I've moved my stuff back up to my office. Sorted my toys. Pitched a lot of stuff on top of already teetering piles. Dusted a few year's worth of dust off the surfaces. Hooked up my laptop and started to work.

Do real work. I spent the afternoon researching for the lecture I'm giving next week. Not the one for tomorrow, next week. I could afford to experiment with something, throw something out, get down into the topic, get a good feel for now understanding it.

This feels very, very good.

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