Strong Young Women

Germany is currently captivated by a number of young women that are the talk of the nation:

  • Helene Hegemann (18), the plagiarist author of a widely acclaimed book
  • Anna Felicitas Sarholz (17), the goalie of Turbine Potsdam who won the first European Women's Champion's League in soccer. She stared down the French opponents in penalty kicks and shot a penalty goal herself.
  • Lena Meyer-Landrut (19), who will represent Germany at the European Song Contest in Oslo on May 29.
Amazingly, they all have Wikipedia pages in German, Helene doesn't have one in English. Oh, and then Berlin has hired Sigrid Nikutta to lead the public transport system. She's not that young (41) anymore, but looks like she might actually have to gumption to whip the company into shape. She's a psychologist who wrote her dissertation on aging male managers, and has practiced running freight trains around Europe.

Go, girls, go!

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