But I need the course

I pulled the final class list today, 4 weeks after the start of the semester. There were two new names on the list! One wasn't there today, but the other showed up. It is a Master's seminar with lots of reading and homework, as it gives 5 credits for just 2 hours class.

He hadn't found the syllabus. He hadn't done the homework. He hadn't contacted me. And he didn't really speak English (the course is in English).

But he needed the course.

I tried to get him to explain why he thought this would work. Well, the officer for his program had said that he would accept my course as an equivalent for something entirely different. I do the Mathematical Basis of Basketweaving, so to say, and he needed Applied Silk Painting.

I asked why he had not come the first week. He replied that he needed the course. I began to pick up on signals - he has issues, major psychological issues. He also has a stuttering problem that he was trying to keep under control and preferred to say nothing to many of the questions I asked him. He just stood there, at one point I was afraid he was going to start crying.

But it is useless for him to start a class the fourth week. It is useless for the group to have to drag him along. I feel sorry for him, but he really needs to get his act together.

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