A Shot in the Back

Friday morning. 8.30 am.

I called my GP, they say "we have a packed waiting room and we'll just send you to the orthopedist if it looks bad."

Praise be having private insurance, I don't have to get a transfer. So I managed to get my boots on, and crept over the icy sidewalks to our local bones and ligament specialists.

There were already people waiting, and a big sign: We are an appointment office now. Oops. Oh well. When the receptionist showed up my card was taken, and I was assured that I could be seen.

The waiting room filled - 14 people, and the docs aren't here yet! I wonder how many are ice injuries? It is a scandal and a disgrace that Berlin still doesn't have clean sidewalks after 6 weeks of snow!

But I didn't have to wait too long, and the doctor had a look and poked me in different places. Then he gave me a shot of something great between the third and fourth lumbar vertebrae, and I soon could move without excruciating pain.

I also got told, nicely, to cut down on stress and come back next week for a physiotherapy plan. He prescribed pain pills and promised another shot, if I came back next week. I'll do the physiotherapy bit, I hear one gets nice back massages prescribed....

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Andre said...

it's just the same as if you call the berlin's mobile doctors. wait and wait, i had my lumbago attack with 22 years -.-