Oh my aching back!

I felt this coming on last evening while attending a formal dinner and sitting on fancy but uncomfortable chairs: lumbago attack.

This morning I could barely get out of bed. But it was last lecture and faculty board meeting and I was to chair the meeting, so I dragged myself out of bed after a session with the heat lamp.

I packed a heating pad, heating cream and ibuprofen and headed out.

I had to have students set up my computer, the electrical outlet is taped to the bottom of the table leg, no way I could bend down to do that today. I assumed my seat and didn't move for 90 minutes. I found it quite problematic to sit still and lecture. I normally stride all over the place and like to bang around on the projected image to call attention to this point or that.

None of that today.

Then when I went to play the video, I realized I would have to get up and go over to the wall to do so - and asked for student help again, which was readily given.

But we made it, and I applied heating in my office for an hour before heading out to the faculty meeting, which even in a healthy state can be very trying. Again I got myself settled and had someone go get me a tea (coffee is supposed to not mix with ibuprofen well).

Getting back to the car was hard - sloshing through the snow, afraid at every step of slipping out. Getting into the car was pure pain. Planned braking I did by using my shifting right hand to pick up my leg from the gas and plant it on the brake. I hoped there would not be unplanned braking, I got lucky.

Getting out at home was painful, I managed to turn the left blinkers on while getting out and had a hard time bending back down in to turn them off. Then a neighbor from next door whom I do not know hollered something down at me. I had to ask her to repeat. She wanted to tell me that my right back lights are out. Well, if I have the left blinker on, yes they are. Sigh. I suppose she meant well.

But I'm feeling like I'll be needing a walker soon. If so, I want it to be purple and have a basket to put all my stuff in.


Ruth said...

OWWWW! I hope you feel better soon. Is there anything you can do besides apply heat, take ibuprofen, and wait it out?

WiseWoman said...

It's a bit better, but still horrible. I shall head to the doctor's tomorrow to get a shot of something.

Ruth said...

I'm glad you can at least look forward to some relief.