The Salesman

I used to wonder what horrible things WiseKid would do to demonstrate his distance from me. Like I was a Democrat just because my Dad was Republican.

We're academics, so he hates books and school. We like healthy food, he could live on white bread and Nutella for years (he thinks). We tend to the left when thinking politically, so I was expecting him to be more to the right. Actually, my nightmare was him in a suit, head of the Junge Union.

Anyway, he dropped by this evening, we've been on vacation without him, as he has a Real Job. One that will pay him oodles of cash (dare I say that none has, as of yet, materialized?). He works as one of these door-to-door salesmen. And loves it.

I have nothing against honest salesmen, people selling proper products to people wishing to purchase this particular type of goods. But WiseKid is now one of those people canvassing the neighborhoods, promising you the best buy in town (if it's so good, why do they have to sell it door to door?), and getting you to sign on the dotted line.

He laughed this evening - he gets called names, gets doors slammed in his face. He enjoys the power that he is discovering in himself to not kick in their door, but to go outside, have a smoke, and try the next door. And he got 30 signatures today.

The way he describes it, I feel it is like one of these brainwashing sects. It is, of course, a pyramid scheme. I tried to explain the mechanics and mathematics of these schemes. Mooooooom! What a party pooper.

So we'll see if he ever gets any real money out of this. He has, however, gotten himself up every morning at 6 am to get to work on time. This is the kid who was always late to school that is 4 minutes walk from our house. If you take your time.

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