How about attending class?

I was waiting for my (late) colleagues to assemble for a meeting today when a student saw me sitting in the room. He approached and asked if he could speak with me because I won't have office hours this week.

I sighed and he started in. He should be attending my programming 2 course, but "the system threw him off". Okay, let's see - I'm associate dean, I have a password to look into the system. No trace of him here, disappeared without a trace. Well, he'll have to register for starters.

Then - he has already failed the course twice. We only allow students three tries, so this semester is rather important. Since I only remember seeing him once all semester (we are in the fourth week of twice weekly classes), I suggest him coming to class.

Oh, he understands the material, and my class is in conflict with other classes he is taking. He was just sick, that's why he failed. So he doesn't have to come to classes. But does he have to do the exercises? Well, yes. If you check the syllabus, that makes up about half the points for the course.

I note that as an adult he has a choice of how to set his priorities. I would certainly put a high priority on a class I have to pass to continue in the program, but that is his decision. He whines on that he really needs to pass but has other things to do this semester. What on earth do these guys think? That I will break down and give them a good grade just because they complain enough?

Luckily, the colleagues showed up and we could get on with the meeting.

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