Burn after Reading

The Odeon (a movie theater in Berlin that shows first-run films in English and serves proper, salted, popcorn) was showing "Burn after Reading" this week. They had George Clooney and Brad Pitt on the marquee, so we collected up the usual suspects + visiting family members aged 12 or above and went Friday night.

One should note that the film is rated R in the US, not PG-13, and I do think that the Germans Americans are correct in their rating. Too much swearing, too many sex scenes (the dildo-chair is rather confusing even for 16-year-olds), too much gratuitous violence.

To summarize the movie in a word: fuck. I was asked by one of our group what the exact translation for that would be in German, because Germans don't use the literal translation as every third word in normal conversation. Brad Pitt's character also used "shit" two or three times per sentence.

Have Americans so lost their vocabulary that they can only speak with these expletives?

There was no message, nothing to think about, but it was a way to spend 2 hours. And it made me *so* glad that I don't live in the States anymore with these terrible people!

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