Shrek the Third

We wanted to take in Harry Potter at the local 3D movie theater (in order to enjoy the last few scenes to the fullest), but that was out of the question - sold out. And we didn't want to cram into any of the 1000 other theaters showing Harry Potter. So we decided to do Shrek the Third.

I went down to the theater 2 hours early to get tickets - could have saved that effort, there were only maybe 15 people watching it. The teenager came along so he could go mobile phone shopping (only the best will suit him, but that's another post).

It started off with some unusual advertising. Instead of the drastic if-you-copy-this-you-will-land-in-jail-for-years threats, there was the rat from Ratatouille giving advice that stolen copys are real boring, go for the real thing. It was actually mildly amusing. The trailer for the film itself was cute, too, so this one goes on the must-see list as well.

Shrek was, well, Shrek. Since I just learned how motion capture animation works (we have a set-up at school, one student did his thesis on using the system and I got to be second grader for it), it was interesting to see how nicely the figures moved. The donkey seems to be hardest to make move credibly.

At times I even felt that they had real people mixed in with the creatures, or real people who were "spruced up" a bit. Hard to tell anymore.

Lots of laughs, no real deep plot, just the thing for a Friday night after exams-exams-exams!

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