The Love of a Priest

I'm terribly sick with a cold, so no movie this week, just a film on TV. First thing I happened on was "Die Liebe eines Priesters" (The Love of a Priest). Filmed in beautiful Prague on the Moldau it is a wonderful love story.

A robber has just robbed something with his gang when he sees a woman jump from a bridge into the river. He jumps after her, gets her out of the water and to a hospital, but leaves without giving his name. He goes to a fatherly priest friend, who encourages him to leave town and go to a cloister.

She, it turns out, is pregnant. Cut, 6 years later.

She is back in Prague with her daughter. He is back in Prague, for a last test before taking his vows as a priest. He recognizes her the moment they meet, but he doesn't tell her anything. He gives her English lessons, they fall in love.

Lots of problems and twists and turns until the happy end, after he decides not to take his vows and saves her life again. Kleenexes, please!

The actor, Erol Sander, (yes, that is a stage name, his agent thought that Urcun Salihoglu would not be an easy name to remember) was born in Turkey but grew up in Germany. MAN, is he handsome! Sort of a Cary Grant type, been in all sorts of TV films. I hope to see more of him! Lots of good pictures on his web site....


Anonymous said...

> The actor...MAN, is he handsome!

I just knew it somehow, since reading the first sentence(s), that that was the likely punchline... a handsome priest, hard to beat! :-)

heya, I was thinking of you as I'm planning a drive from Nuernberg to Forsa, Sweden, next week; past Berlin (in a hurry to catch the ferry on the 19th) and also past the place in Sweden where I think your cabin is. I won't have an opportunity to look you up in Berlin, but after arriving with the ferry in Sweden, the drive past Stockholm to Forsa (300 km further north) might allow me to catch up with you "in the woods". I'll be flying back to Stuttgart from Stockholm on the 27th, which might make waving at you a possibility...

cheers, ---W

WiseWoman said...

Can't you try for a pit-stop in Berlin? It's a loooong drive! I sent you a longer mail at the sneakmail address :)

Conspiratorial correspondence via blog, wonder if Schäuble has considered that? The communication is not on our computers, so his searching my computer is worthless.....