Oceans's 13

They were predicting heavy storms for this evening, so we decided to take in a movie instead of visiting the German-French fair and downing good French wine. Trying to get 4 adults, one teenager and a going-on-thirteen to agree to a film is not easy, but we decided on Ocean's 13.

Some of us had seen 11 and 12, others just 11, others none. The adults had all seen "The Godfather", so that was kind of fun for the jokes.

Those who had never seen one before just loved it; those who had seen all felt that 13 was better than 12, but 11 was still the best. The teenager felt that it was boring because there wasn't enough "action" in it.

I found it all rather hum-ho. The sequences on finding (and changing) data in FBI files is supposed to be a wild fantasy - actually, with the Bundestrojaner in Germany, it is getting closer every day. As the computer screen was shown filtering data, looking for the known accomplices, I remarked in a loud voice "Schäuble lässt grüssen" (the minister of the Interior, Wolfgang Schäuble, who started a "terror file" and wants to intrude on all computers, even personal ones) - but no one laughed or seemed to understand.

I liked the split screen (at times 5 different films showing, or the same scene from different angles) and the animation with the winnings above the heads of the people. I think I laughed 3 times, but I've forgotten what for. I found it rather boring and predictable (the teenager agreed with me on that, shock!).

And then it didn't rain, after all. We could have had that nice French wine....

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