Didaktical planning

Two guys got on the subway today, dressed so that I was rather relieved that they took the seats across from me and not next to me: scruffy, black T-Shirts with strange and nasty comments on them, baseball caps on wrong way round, heavy boots, each with an open bottle of beer in their hands and one with a package of potato salad, the other with a loaf of bread.

But then they started to speak with each other about the homework they were doing together this evening - they had to prepare a didactial plan for an instructional unit. That means they are studying to be teachers! And they went over the important parts, especially the problems that can occur in class. They seemed to have a very clear idea of the stunts that pupils who do not want to learn can play....

I need to stop judging just from first appearances - we need many more teachers in Berlin, especially guys. Of course, be the time they turn into teachers, this will be considered old-fashioned bourgoise fashion and people will be wearing, I don't know, clothing woven out of plastic bags or something.

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