Finally, Winter!

I'm in Sweden for a few days, and finally there is some snow! It started last night, didn't get going until during the day today, we now have a good 10-15 cm out there - and the wind blowing, piling it up all over the place. Trying to shovel is rather useless, it just gets blown back.

I was grading papers about 19.00 when the electricity went off. The lights flickered back 2-3 times, and then all was darkness. No problem, I still have my Year-2000-emergency kit around, and the wood-burning stove is going.

First order of business was the flashlight - right where it should be and fully loaded. Got some water (before the battery dies) in some pots, put one on the stove for tea, and got out the candles. Matches are there, too, but the candleholder is gone! No, I do not want to trek over to the other building to see if it is there. I try alternative holders such as the weights. Darn, the hole is too big. I get lucky, it is on the junk table.

I soon have the candle on, tea lights all over the place, the fire stoked up, and start cooking. Yes, you can even cook on this stove, it has a flat top. Luckily I was planning on veggie soup. And it works, takes a good bit longer than normal, but I have nice hot tea and soup for dinner.

Funny, I feel so sleepy in the darkness, and take a little nap. The lights are still off when I awake with a start, so I get going doing the dishes by candlelight, the water I put on the stove right after cooking is nicely hot.

And then the lights come back on - rats, it was so nicely old-fashioned, working by candlelight. Nice to know that the back-up system works so well.

Now I have to get back to correcting papers....

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