After the World Cup

Something's missing..... the anticipation of the next game, will we make it, will we win? Is anything left of the Handball World Cup?

Well, NDR did broadcast the entire game THW Kiel vs. HSV, including a pre-game show repeating the player's talk show appearances and a half-hour profile of the trainer, Heiner Brand. Very nice.

The World Champion Players, three to a team (Henning Fritz, Christian Zeitz and Dominik Klein for THW Kiel, Pascal Hens, Thorsten Jansen and Stephan Schröder, who didn't get to play but was ready and waiting, for HSV) were given a flower and a cake before the game.

The cameras are learning how to broadcast handball, unfortunately they don't pan fast enough to get the THW Kiel first wave goals. Oh well, it was a great game, back and forth, Pascal Hens was really hot and that old fox Christian Zeitz was digging for balls and throwing quite fancy goals. It ended 33:33, pretty nice actually, and a big plus for HSV, who have never won in Kiel since they moved from Bad Schwartau to Hamburg, so they split the points - meaning THW had to move down to second place in the standings.

Oh, and I got me a nice souvenier: a piece of the floor in the Köln Arena on which the final game was played. Proceeds to go to handball youth work, I am a sucker for stuff like that, I ordered one right away. I'll post a picture when it comes.

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