Small is beautiful

Of course! Why didn't I think of that? It is completely obvious!

A friend pointed me to an oldish blog entry: "Using simple online tools to 'make' a repository". No need to use fat, bloated, difficult tools and complicated mark-up languages to store one's "Learning objects".

Just log into del.icio.us and set up some tags for what you do - tag links to your work including good comments: Instant Repository. I decided to just try out a few to see how it works - what a shock! Many people have already tagged my work, and even commented on it. Wow, that's a good feeling!

So I downloaded a tagging tool for del.icio.us so that I can quickly tag good stuff - my own and other's. All this work to get the Wikiversity started, and here there's been a simple solution just lying around. No more fighting over categories. Everyone just tags what they think the categories should be. Everyone wins.

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