I'd rather starve

We decided about 6.45 pm to splurge and eat out tonight. There's a nice Schwabian restaurant down the street that is packed on a Friday night. So we quickly put on shoes and and got down there - and got the last table that was not reserved outside.

There were 6 chairs, we only used two and had some nice Zwiebelkuchen and Federweisser. Many people came after us, cruised the joint, sighed, and went on to the next restaurant. No one asked if they could have joined us (and we would have said yes!).

But the moment we paid and got up to leave at least four people (two couples) were bearing down on the table - the first group "won".

Why are the Germans so shy about sharing tables? You might meet nice people that way!

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Anonymous said...

what are you talking about? in Germany management makes you share tables, in the US that rarely if ever happens; and most customers would be horrified and take offense at the idea...