The Shadow of Soccer

The shadow of the Soccer World Cup 2006 in Germany is looming large. There are big, new signs everywhere "Die Welt zu Gast bei Freunden" (Which would mean "The world is a guest of friends", if any of the guests could read German). TV brings constant reminders of what is going on - last night I caught the clip of the Spanish team learning German "Wir sind Weltmeister" (We are the world champions). Foods are suddenly marked as being official Soccer World Cup food. Even the public transport has suddenly started to spout English at erratic moments ("Next stop, change for Templehof Airport").

But the worst effect to date of the World Cup happened Monday when a bunch of colleagues tried to find a date for the next meeting: Oh no, that is Germany vs. England! Or: I don't want to miss Moldavia vs. Inner Mongolia. Or whatever, I don't even know which countries are playing. I complained to someone that I needed something Belgian for a prank gift and found chocolates wrapped in the English flag and the Spanish flag, etc., but no Belgian flag. I was informed that Belgium did not qualify.

I demand equal treatment for the Handball World Cup 2007, also in Germany! I want to see Germany vs. Denmark and Kuwait vs. Katar!

Oh yeah: congratulations, THW Kiel, on your 12th championship


jojoba said...

There's a handball world cup? When? Where?

WiseWoman said...

Sure! In Germany, end of January, beginning of February, in a number of German cities. Follow the link in the article! But beware: handball in Europe has nothing to do with handball in the States :) Handball in Europe is a real team sport - check out Team Handball bei der Wikipedia.

Maria said...

"Die Welt zu Gast bei Freunden" (Which would mean "The world is a guest of friends", if any of the guests could read German)

Yes, it is in German - because Germans should understand that there will be guests (the guests know that they are guests, I guess)

Anonymous said...

yep, I also suspect that the slogan was meant for "the German hosts" rather than for the guests -- and it worked! (was my impression).

handball ?!? yeah ...chuckle... try to explain it to a 'mercin and watch eyes glace over. it takes them years to get it!