Yes, the Oscars seem to have been distributed right this year. Just saw Capote with Philip Seymour Hoffman. What a genius! He plays the dandy to perfection, every twitch of every muscle in his face or his little finger speaks volumes. Capote, the egoist, becomes so enmeshed with one of the people he is writing about that he is torn between being just the reporter - eager for fame - and being a friend for one of the killers.

And after "Dancer in the Dark" yet another damnation of the death penalty in the US. The killers were tried, convicted and executed on first-degree murder. It was not, however, completely clear that it was premeditated. They should have been given life sentences on second-degree murder charges. The state does not have the right to take a life. But that is another rant.

The movie gets n out of n stars.

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