Look Ma, I'm in the movies!

Well, that's a lie. It's just a trailer that will be shown in two movie theaters in Berlin during March:

We are running a third eVideo course on using video in instructional settings. A former student produced the trailer to try and encourage more people to enroll in the course.

We spent an entire Saturday filming me teaching my "Didactical Aspects of Web-Based Learning". We started off with a test series on "Do I really need to think about what I am wearing when I teach by video?" that we have on the open web as examples. Check out the stripes test - and get seasick, it is really bad!

There's also a wonderful series of video comments that are, unfortunately, not online but "goodies" for people taking the course. There are 21 nice snippets of me sounding off on all sorts of topics from the use of blogs in teaching over information hiding to holding examinations via videoconference.

The course is kind of neat, a number of other colleages did bits and pieces of it - all you ever wanted to know about video. It's just a shame that all of the materials are closed right now. I do so want there to be open content for everything!

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