Der Schwarm

Finished! I started the German best-seller the middle of November when I was sick. 960+ pages looked just the treat when you are forced to stay in bed... althought the paperback was so unwieldly to hold that it was hard to read. Anyway, I started in.

And kept on reading bit by bit, and hit halfway, when the book disappeared. I had been toting it everywhere with me in a little blue bag, and the bag was nowhere to be found. The week before Christmas I ransacked the house - no blue bag. I retraced my steps from the week before, asking everyone if they had seen my little blue bag. No one had seen it. In desperation - the Christmas vacation was looming - I ran to Nicolaische Buchhandlung on the morning we were leaving for Sweden and bought another copy!

I throughly enjoyed it, although it was kind of strange, reading about the tsunami on Dec. 26, the anniversary of the real tsunami in Thailand and Indonesia. The author, Frank Schätzing, really managed to describe it accurately! I loved the scientific details, although towards the end he seemed to be repeating himself and I just skimmed the stuff, anxious to see if the guy and the gal would survive and get each other!

Day before yesterday at handball practice one of the women asked, if I had left a blue bag at the Christmas party.... (see Julklapp 2005). Seems with all the nice stuff we were drinking and all of my bags full of crap, I forgot to take the blue bag with me. The bag will be returned to me next week, so then I will have two, I shall hand on both, because I *loved* it. Finished it this evening, even if I am sad that my favorite character got killed, a fate that happened to rather a lot of folks in the book. If they ever film this, it will be rated X, not for sex (not really much in the book, just a whiff here and there) but for all the death and violence.

Anyway. Seems Schätzing published a book on an airplane flying into a skyscraper in 2000 and this book on a tsunami in 2003. He won't tell what he is writing on now.... They say that the English translation is almost done - a must read, even if there are 960 pages!

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Anonymous said...

my husband is Austrian and I am Jamaican. I bought The Swarm for his birthday back in September and he got busy with work and i finally ran out of books to read in early December and picked it up out of sheer desperation.......I have totally loved every page of this book! it is definitely the best book i have read in a couple of years, with maybe the exception of "The Audacity of Hope." I am assuming we might have the same favorite character (Johannson?). But needless to say, the boy and the girl got together in the end and i am looking forward to my next Frank Schatzing book once it's translated to English. BTW, my husband finally started reading it and it has turned out to be a page turner for him as it was for me.