Delicious Bagels

Took my teenager and his girlfriend to go see Wallace & Gromit, what a laugh with all the Dr. Jeykell & Mr. Hyde and King Kong references. We went out to have bagels at Salomon Bagels in the Arkaden at Potsdamer Platz to kill time before the movie started.

My pumpkin seed bagel with cream cheese and guacamole was delicious (his sounded revolting - Nutella, jam and cheese on a sesame seed bagel, but the *German* lady made it for him with a smile for just a slight extra cost), but as I sat there eating it, it struck me that this whole area was completely Americanized. Multiplex theater, Dunkin' Donuts, Starbucks, Soloman's, a shopping mall, skyscrapers - pretty much the only German thing was that we took public transport to get here. Here the Germans are railing against the "foreign cultures" (read Islamic culture) that are invading Germany, but they left the porch door open and invited in all sorts of American "culture". Where did Germany go? No, I really don't want women wearing dirndls to wander about, dancing polkas to an umpahpah band. But how did Modern Germany end up looking so much like the US?

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Anonymous said...

you asked: "how did Modern Germany end up looking so much like the US?"

answer: it's all the same money (capital has no nationality).

...well, first I thought of commenting: all those ex-Amis, but then I admitted to myself: Not True!