The Swarm

WiseMan was cleaning out the guest house and pulled the pile of cushions out of the corner. We haven't had many guests for a while, so we've not had the whole pile out for some time. He pulled out the last cushion, and found something unappetizing - the floorboards were sagging, and there was an ant colony living there.

He got me to come and look, and we soon realized that we didn't need to shoo them, they were breaking camp. There was a large pile of eggs in one corner, and in a flash every ant had picked up an egg and transported it out of our sight. Teamwork!

Still, we don't relish them coming back, so we got some ant spray at the store. I'm debating whether to take up the flooring or not. I probably should, but that will be a few days worth of work to fix it. Anyway, the sun was shining today, I painted the deck and finished power washing the house. Now: time to write!

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