Burning Rice

I was cooking the rice for a rice salad I'm taking to a picnic tomorrow. It's an easy recipe - cooled, cooked rice, sour cream, curry, salt, mandarin oranges, tinned mushrooms, green pepper, onion. Mix and refrigerate.

I put the rice in the pot as the soccer game was starting, and then disappeared into my office to get some work done, popping back into the living room to see the better goal attempts. Suddenly WiseMan jumps up and heads for the stove. He turns the stove off and then points out that the rice was burning. Oops -- forgot to set the timer and I don't smell anything burning. Good job someone else was here!

Luckily, just the bottom bit was burned and I could use the rest. Just had to scrape the burned rice off the bottom of the pot. Hope that teaches me to always use a timer!

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