Easter Moon

WiseYoungMan willingly drove us to the airport in order to have the car to himself this weekend. Lots of luck with those gas prices, they hit 1,70 € a liter this week, that's $ 8.40 / gallon for the Statesiders. We took the El Cheapo Express to Copenhagen and hired a car.

We booked the smallest one, but ended up getting a brand new Citroën C4 for the weekend. Oh my, what a nice car! There are so many buttons and displays and places to stow stuff and a really great steering wheel.

So here I am, driving up from the tunnel between Denmark and Sweden, onto the bridge. The radio is playing Abba as we cross the boarder, and the full moon, with a colorful halo, is lighting a large patch of very calm sea. It is so peaceful!

The Easter Moon loses its halo in Sweden, and there are stars galore out tonight. Need to enjoy them, there's a snow front coming.....

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