The porcupine

Now I know what that strange scratching noise is that I hear when I am working. WiseMan was cleaning out the weeds and dead flowers from the flower bed, when he saw a prickly nose sticking out under a pile of leaves. So he left off taking those leaves away, and I've been seeing that the little fella still lives there.

Today is cold and rainy, and I realize why he is there: he's right next to the fireplace. Chrr, chrr, there he is again, turning around in his little nest. I suppose it is this guy I found one early morning a few years ago, but if I catch him with his nose out again (and it ever stops raining), I'll upload a new one.

I bet he's ruining the wood siding, though.


WiseWoman said...

Hi PoeticLady! I got your note and have set up an account for you. Check your GMX.

Katrin said...

I thought this is a hedgehog? What is the difference between a hedgehog and a porcupine?

WiseWoman said...

Hmm, Wikipedia says they are the same ;)

Katrin said...

Mhh I still believe they are different animals. A hedgehog is an "Igel" whereas a porcupine is a "Stachelschwein". Porcupines are rodents, hedgehogs are not.

(sorry for playing mrs. know-it-all here, i was just curious if native english speakers hedgehogs and porcupines are the same)