And now: Sushi!

As I was driving to a faculty meeting this afternoon (and yes, I can think of better things to do on a sunny afternoon) I saw what the new store the just opened near the university is: a sushi place!

This part of town has about 17% unemployment, there were lots of empty and rotting buildings and not much infrastructure. When the first 1000 students came, an espresso bar opened. When the next 5000 came, there was suddenly another espresso bar, a hot dog stand, and now sushi. And a farmer's market once a week.

What a difference just one large people magnet makes!


Anonymous said...

That's true. I grew up in the area and it really makes a large difference compared to the 90s, also concerning the cleanliness of streets. They still have to catch up on the public transports infrastructure though.

WiseWoman said...

Indeed - I want double the number of trams so I have a fighting chance of sitting down.