Das weisse Band

Finally got to see "Das weisse Band - eine deutsche Kindergeschichte" (The White Ribbon - a German children's story) this evening. We wanted to see it in Sweden, even drove to Lund for it, and then it was sold out!

No danger of that here, it was a Monday night. We had the usual suspects with us including TeenageGirl and ExchangeStudent. ExchangeStudent didn't understand a word, although they really didn't say much ;) TeenageGirl and I collected the impressions of the group on the ride home.

It was shadows and light; pre World War I; no music except for Wagner at the piano and two hymns, one by Paul Gerhard and one by Martin Luther; it was very slow paced; it was wicked; the children were so helpless; the children were so viscous; strict discipline ("Zucht und Ordnung"); Luther and Sutterlin handwriting; sin; poverty; small houses and many children. No solution at the end - but such is life, says TeenageGirl, wise beyond her years.

The forums are filled with speculations. I like this one best. And of course, the unspoken finger pointing: this is what caused the bestiality of the next generation, the Nazi generation.

See it!

Update: The White Ribbon won the Golden Globe for the best foreign film!

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