Ethics and Computing

Well, welcome to all the Wikipedia surfers! My daily readership jumped from an average of 80 a day to 900+ in just the evening hours of Monday. And as anonymous said (I know which anonymous you are!!), that rather kills my semi-anonymity. Whatever. I'm still blogging here as WiseWoman, because it is my private blog, as opposed to all the other blogs I run in my real name. I've had to get ScribeFire installed on my Firefox to deal with them all.

So here's a plug for my book (in German) about Ethics and Computing, which just got published:

Gewissensbisse Ethische Probleme der Informatik. Biometrie – Datenschutz – geistiges Eigentum
Oktober 2009, 144 S., kart., 16,80 €
ISBN 978-3-8376-1221-9
In order to keep the price low, we are not earning anything on this book. If you do read it, we would appreciate a comment at Amazon. Seems a former member of the group retaliated at us there. As a friend has said: One is forced to consider the possibility that his criticisms are not entirely devoid of self-serving motivation.

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