Millenium: Volumes 2 and 3

Back in the Real World! I have had my nose in a book for the past 3 weeks or so - I have now finished all three books in the Millenium trilogy of Stieg Larsson. (My blog entry about book 1)

In Swedish! That is over 2100 pages of text that is absolutely riveting. WiseMan read them before me, and he spent days on his lawn chair not doing anything but read. The last two or three days (weeks?) I've been the same way. WiseMan made supper this evening (and did a great job making chicken breasts stuffed with spinach and feta) because I just plain had to finish that last book.

The hacking described is completely okay, except for the Internet connection via mobile telephone in the hospital. Not only do they frown on telephones in hospitals (even hidden ones), in 2004 there were no flat rates for pre-paids in Sweden (there are now, though) and you have to enter a passnumber to connect via Bluetooth.

But the rest is all doable. I suppose that is why the governments are so scared of hackers and want to ban them. They need to read this book and understand how - and why - people hack.

You have to read volume 2 and 3 back to back, number 3 starts exactly where 2 leaves off. And oh, my, don't even start these if you have other work to do! I had a whole pile I was planning to do on vacation, and instead I read these ;)

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well, on second thought, maybe I'll wait until December for the DVD: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stieg_Larsson#The_novelist