Rush Hour III

I wouldn't normally go to movies like Rush Hour III, but this was the birthday wish for a young woman who enjoyed it tremendously. I found it marginally better than Die Hard 4.0, and actually rather like the Gísli Saga with one of our heros taking out 2-4 others at a time. And since these are modern times, there ware women with guns and kung fu capabilities, not to mention that they swing a mean set of knives.

There is no plot to speak of, other than "find X" and "kill as many Y as possible", and apparently no need for a continuity editor. It jumps around, things just happen, the crowd roars (apparently some jokes they remember from I and II), and Jackie Chan seems to be getting old. Happens to the best of us.

In between gunfight (at least the bullets go out for some of them), car chases, car crashes, knife-throwing contests, lots of kung fu (apparently Jackie Chan, who does his own stunts, hurt himself performing one of them) there are actually a few funny lines. Oh yeah, and a happy end. Who would have thought that?

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