Don Carlos

Went to see the play "Don Carlos" (by Friedrich Schiller) at the Deutsche Theater this evening. It opened in February to rave review, and I most certainly agree - it was great theater this evening! No fussing with fancy costumes, the set was awesome without being overpowering and the actors ACTED, creating their characters very vividly.

The use of microphones, a telephone (not invented yet when Philipp II was King of Spain) and video projection was nicely integrated into the play, displaying acting from backstage and even integrating live action into what was probably canned video. It was not the usual "Gee-we-have-a-beamer-let's-use-it", but it fit seamlessly into Schiller's plot.

Of course, the guys stripping down to their gorgeous underwear (or less, in one case) was a special added attraction for the ladies - or for the guys of the "other" persuasion. Schiller has been said to have liked the laddies, and the King of Spain does seem to like a bit of each in this play.

This was the last play on my theater subscription - I cancelled for various reasons, mostly because the plays of late have been so boring. But this one made me think about at least seeing the odd show next season. Instead of theater tickets I have a season ticket for the Berlin Handball team, who will surely be playing in the top division next year!

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