The first sign of trouble

Had a wonderful day at the office with my Mac. It recognized all the printers, I downloaded stuff and installed stuff like the Parallels Windows (it really works!) and was just happy as could be. Came home and wanted to finish that little paper that is due today, but reserved a hotel first for my trip next week.

I went to print out the confirmation, and the thing would not print. It doesn't know the cheap Aldi / Lexmark X6170 taking up space in my home office. Nada. And no one on the net has any idea, although there are people asking. It is just being stupid.

Well, I'll just finish up the paper, dash upstair to my secondary printer and use that.

Except I started the paper with OpenOffice. Oh well, just another 150 MB or so to download (I already have half the disk full with stuff by now!). Get that done, try and start: no X11. Okay, an old friend, but were is it? Takes forever to discover that it is hiding on my DVD. Got that installed, let's get to the paper. Except I am very tired by now. Oh well, I don't think I can attend the conference time-wise anyway. Bedtime. Let's print out what we have - oops, Linux does not see the printers installed for the Mac. It seems there is a bit more work to do here before this ends up being my work machine....

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