Sexy girl II

I was on my way to my university by streetcar last week and got off just behind a young girl who probably attends the high school across the street. She was waggling her behind while walking, which made one see her outfit in all of its glory.

She was wearing a red bra (looked like velvet from the distance) beneath a black see-through, short sleeved shirt. That let you see her shoulder tattoo. Theoretically she was wearing long pants, but there were slits carefully cut into the back seat area that let her unclothed butt cheeks hang out. Technically, she was dressed; actually, she was mooning everyone walking behind her.

Imagine her being asked by the teacher to come to the board and solve a math problem. The guys in the classroom are not going to be able to concentrate on her derivations, the teacher will only see the sight when she sways back to her seat.

What, I wonder, is the reason for dressing like this? Is it a protest of some kind? Is she trying to make contact with some guys? She had earphones firmly in place, that kind of makes it difficult to initiate contact. Or maybe kids do it these days just with the flutter of an eyelid?

I mean, okay, we protested as kids with clothes, too. I deliberately wore pants to school, although this was not allowed, girls had to wear knee-length dresses. And in high-school I took my bra off the moment I left the house (this was a mathematical exercise, since topologically speaking it was not actually on me as it could be removed without removing the clothing above it, so I felt it did not count). But I never dared wear a halter-top to school or to church-related functions. And when I did wear one the first time on an outing, I got this horrific sunburn because I didn't use sun screen on the back .....

Funny, my favorite cartoon speaks about this topic today: For Better or For Worse
Okay, there is still plenty left for us to imagine.

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