The traditional first blog

Gosh, now I have my very own blog. What should I be including in here traditionally? In the future there will be lots of rants and raves, but tonight: what should I give the world?

How did I live without RSS? I just installed Awasu (www.awasu.com), set up my favorite spots (amazing, all the places with RSS feeds), and it is not all in one place! Now I just have to get all the online bill people to set up RSS feeds so I can collect my online bills in one fell swoop.


Anonymous said...

Really useful article. I am also going to try awasu.com Chappel.

Anonymous said...

(...chuckle...) well, now that I found you again (it's March 2007) I'm sleuthing after ALL your online footprints... (from what I read, you didn't miss me, but I'll forgive you. Luckily, I didn't make it into your "funerals" either; it's been close a couple of times, though. that stag 3 years ago was after me, I suspect, not the car!). It's been a while (has it been nearly 20 years already?!? ...sigh...) and, diligent person that I am, I've arrived at the beginning of your blog now... (much better read chronologically when trying to "catch up"; blogs are such a pain, presenting life in reverse order, without offering "alternative options"... 'what a poorly thought-out user interface' I grumbled into my grey beard when I first encountered it; 'this REALLY sucks!')

more as I progress reading... ;-)

WiseWoman said...

Hmm, need some more detail beyond "20 years" - give me another hint!

And you will need some time to read all of my digital footprint :)